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The Problem With Software


When a memory is added, it's labeled and tagged with information such as names, locations, dates, or keywords. By processing this data and recognizing engagement patterns, BlipIQ's cognitive computing engine is able to present the patient with an intimate, adaptive experience with the goal of reinforcing existing connections and situating previously forgotten or displaced events in their proper spot in the puzzle. (Formats include image, video, audio file, text)

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design thinking powers innovation

Why Design Thinking


There has been a wealth of research into how best to design for those with cognitive impairment. This research informed every aspect of the BlipIQ user interface. Everything, from the layout of text to the colors of buttons, was carefully chosen to make it easy for anyone, especially memory-loss patients, to use BlipIQ.

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It's incredibly simple to set up an account for yourself or a loved one suffering from memory loss. In as few as five minutes, your account and profiles will be up and running.

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