LiveSale helps Ladies AUTOMATE e-commerce tasks
(Saving over 40 hours/month), while Growing $ales.

Save Hours Weekly


What if you could save 10 hours a week?
You are a team of ONE and Time is money.
You get SHOCKINGLY SIMPLE tools to help!

Finding New releases (save 15 mins/day)
Manage your Inventory (save 2 hours/Week)
Track all baskets (save 2 hours/week)
Automate payments (save 2 hours/week)
Out of stock Orders (save 2 hours/week)

Turn hours into Clicks!

Get organized faster to sell more
Increase customer engagement with multi-channle communication

Increase Shopper Engagement


What if You...
Just focus on selling and having fun with the audience.

While the app...
Solves product availability, orders on out-of-stock items, responds to order tracking issues, tracks baskets, automates payments and more.

Skills to Grow Sales


Everyone is talking about Facebook algorithms and how to run Ads. Are you an Ad expert?

This is where the complexity lies and how Your Data can help You Win customers. Our team uses our expertise and technology to put all of the tools to work for you much like an orchestra.
From Facebook Ads to Messanger, Chatbots, apps, games and real-time messaging and in-app notifications, these are all working in a gentle harmony to empower you to grow your business.

watch your sales grow

LiveSale is designed by Ladies who love this PINK Journey

LiveSale Empowers Our Success Across the Journey

the future of AI in marketing