A strategy is great, but people are critical to its execution. The result, over 100 million people visted NBCOlympics.com

The SEO-Olympics


There was an exhaustive array of keywords. From athlete names to events, world records, countries as well as specific sport-related keywords. We had to build and rank a massive dictionary of these per sport along with a guide for the effective use of sport-specific terms beyond the standard attention grabber headlines.

For 14 days prior, we ran training sessions for over 350 writers and 150 video editors teaching them the tactics and training them in the skills the would need to act and react as NBC covered the Olympics.

Trending vs. Ranking


Once a topic begins to start trending in social, it gets picked up and written about and will eventually start to rank on websites.

This required us to monitor the content output for over 50 leading publishers and track social chatter 24 hours a day to pick up on any breaking stories, trending events and key data that needed to be called out on NBC Olympics to keep the audience coming back.

We repeated this for 22 days non-stop, which is the equivalent of 21 Super Bowls in 21 days non-stop.

Video Is King


Youtube is the 3rd largest search engine behind Facebook and Google. Facebook video, Instagram Live, Youtube, Netflix, Twitch and TikTok are dominating the web with Video content.

For the Olympics, video delivery was key but it was critical to distribute it efficiently to our partners Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook. This partner content allowed them to satisfy their users as well as drive traffic to our core content helping our success.

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