Our Task was clear, Design and build tools to create an Unfair Competitive Advantage.

What is Unfair?


The ability to work faster is a given. But being more creative, listening very carefully, having the skills to architect and design the technology and finally being able to deliver it when no one thinks it is possible. That may be considered Unfair.

One of the Mass mailing applications was built in about 12 weeks, but the security and encryption app was designed and delivered in under 8 weeks. Years ahead of Snapchat or Signal, privacy was a concern and our goal was to give the ability to manage it per person.

Engage Users + Get Data


When users engage with your page or product, you get data. Their cookie, what they like, how long they browse and what they are consuming on your site. As they interact and communicate in social, this data is also collected by Facebook and many others. When it is all put together correctly, magic happens.

There is a science to "micro-interactions" that greatly enhance the value of the data you have collected and empower you to be predictive of future actions if you have a team with the expertise and technical acumen to deliver this actionable data. We did and some of our best work followed as the same engagement rise by over 35% on some weeks.

Protect Private Content


If you value your privacy, then you may be familiar with Hillary getting hacked and thousands of secure documents going public or Rod Blagojevich getting caught with various wrongdoings in his emails and digital communications.

Our team developed technology to leave a zero digital fingerprint as users communicated over various public and private networks through firewalls and hackers. Users could control their privacy, manage who and where the information was and most importantly, make it disappear. Invisimail was designed to be untraceable, and safe.

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