PaPafy gives you powerful features to find New Releases and place orders faster. See how below.

What it does


PaPafy finds and remembers all the items on the page every time you use it.

When you click "Show New Products" it will show you what items it has not seen before instantly.

**It also saves a history of New Releases for each use.

For Customers


Install it + choose your Consultant.

Start browsing the hottest New Releases every day at 3.00 PM EST or any time.

Choose all the items you want and send the basket request to your consultant to fill while supplies last.

"I was anxious to find New Releases everyday. Now with PaPafy, I just click to Show NEW Products.
Highlighted for FAST shopping!"

Pink Pattie

For Consultants


Do you rush to find the New Releases every day?

Do supplies run out? We can't fix that, but you can buy faster.

Do customers ask for items later? The History tab speeds up the ordering process.

BEST of all - Get orders from your Customers!

What is it?


PaPafy is an extension for the Chrome web browser. (An add-on feature). Chrome is a free safe web browser for PC and Mac.

**It does not work on your phone or tablet browsers.

How to Start


Consultants, click the Consultant Sign Up button to get your account set up and get started.

Customers, please click the Customer sign up button to use Facebook sign-up to get started with your 7-day trial.

**Please complete the install process in the Chrome web browser. You may download it here for your computer.

Let's start working towards your big WIN in 2020!

Together, We Help You Acheive Success.

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