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Coy Gupta December 24, 2019

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<h1>Helping veterans "detoxify" traumatic memories</h1>

<p>One of the long-term effects of war can be flashbacks to the horrors of combat. These flashbacks can be unpredictable, but when they happen, can cause emotional and physical pain — enough to literally incapacitate the "toughest" veterans.<br />
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BlipIQ can help veterans desensitize traumatic memories in the brain. By exposing a veteran to a series of memories in a controlled, comforting setting, BlipIQ can help change an unpleasant memory over time to lessen its painful associations.</p>

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<h3>Over 24 million Americans suffer from PTSD — 30 percent of whom are military veterans.</h3>

<h3>Coming home can be the hardest journey for a soldier</h3>


<p>The conditions veterans face when they re-enter civilian life can be overwhelming. They often have difficulty finding employment, housing, and health care. These challenges can affect their long-term ability to stay enlisted and claim benefits they're entitled to. PTSD only compounds these challenges.</p>

<p>However, emerging therapies, such as BlipIQ, have the potential to positively impact the emotional state of veterans who have already sacrificed so much.</p>

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<h3>The effect of environment on PTSD</h3>


<p>When a flashback occurs, the veteran's environment — location, people they're with, etc. — and state of mind affect the emotions associated with the memory. For example, if the veteran is feeling panic when experiencing a flashback, that memory is made that much more toxic the next time it resurfaces.</p>

<p>On the flip side, if the veteran is in a safe, controlled environment while experiencing the memory, it can make the next flashback significantly less painful.</p>

<h3>Helping veterans cope with traumatic memories</h3>


<p>By sourcing memories, both pleasant and unpleasant, from family members, friends, and those who served alongside a PTSD sufferer, BlipIQ creates a "Memory Lane" which guides patients through a series of memories.</p>

<p>By reliving memories in an environment in which the veteran feels completely secure, it's possible to view the memory from a different perspective, and even change future flashbacks from toxic to non-toxic experiences. Even more remarkable: It's possible to alter the effect of reliving a traumatic memory after only several times using BlipIQ.</p>

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<h3>BlipIQ is FREE to veterans</h3>


<p>Many of us on the BlipIQ team have either personally dealt with the effects of PTSD, or have a family member or close friend who has. That's why we're proud to offer BlipiQ to military veterans at no charge, with no need for a prescription. It's our way of saying, in the humblest way we can, "thank you for your service."</p>

<h1>Veterans and active duty service members can get BlipIQ for their families ? FREE</h1>
<!--<h3 style="color:#d0c9c9!important;">By the time you add five memories, it becomes easy. When your family starts adding memories, it becomes a conversation that can span lifetime of memories.</h3>-->

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<h1>"Helping our heroes one veteran at a time"</h1>

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