Discover how we helped drive Toyota drive over $50 million in sales within 180 days.

Auto Sales Meets Ecommerce


We designed an built one of the most extensive e-commerce catalog systems ever made allowing for thousands of vehicle combinations plus it had to be user-friendly.

First, Toyota had to perform the world's largest Oracle 8 migration to make the data accessible.
Second, they had to re-invent Just-In-Time for vehicle manufacture to delivery from Japan to the USA and finally allow you to finance the purchase.
This enabled customers to design and order their Toyota in one sitting.

Customers Need Choices


Toyota gives you so many choices like SUVs to minivans, sedans, trucks, sports cars and of course the famous Prius line of hybrids. Now, add all the choices that each vehicle offers; Exterior color, interior, option packages, wheels, warranties and more.

The website had to delight users so we began iterative user testing with groups of consumers until the users loved the website. Hundreds of design changes later, the site was a success based on sales.

Delivery + Finance


The difficulty level of allowing customers to design their cars and then give them a date when the car will be ready for pick-up at a local dealership is staggering. It takes 4 to 8 weeks to manufacture a car, 2 weeks to ship it to the dealership from Japan. This is assuming all the parts are available from over 200 suppliers that may have to make special deliveries.

Now, customers need to finance a vehicle online, when this had not been done before. Did they want to "lease" or "buy"? Both methods of purchase had to be supported but the trick was knowing "When" to pop the question. Toyota got both right!

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