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Our Leadership Team

In a crowded market, Synerise+BlipIQ are true industry experts and visionaries. Immersed in a digital ecosystem, we reimagine customer experiences through data driven insights, award winning user experience and exceptional attention to micro-interactions. Our passion comes from our deep understanding of our client's industry gained through research, data-driven insights and interviews that empower you to discover new opportunities to meet the needs of your customers and your business.

We work with aspiring, established and vertical leaders to transform the everyday lives of their customers for the better. If you need help in creating a better experience for your customers, we would love to talk to you.

Coy Gupta
The Architect

New York

Coy studied innovation and leadership at MIT and holds degrees in computer science and business management. He managed the 2016 Rio Olympics for NBC, worked on the Obama campaign and launched Toyota.com.
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Carlos Barragan Jr.
The Rainmaker


Carlos has been a leader at bringing growth to enterprise software startups for the past 10 years within the Fortune 100. He brings his keen understanding of the needs of large enterprises and his accumen to drive value consistently.
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Rodrigo Aldecoa Ph.D
The Scientist

New York

Rodrigo has a PhD in Computer Science and a Master's Degree in Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition. He works with complex networks, computational physics, bioinformatics, and brain/knowledge networks to build models to predict user behaviors.

The Specialists

We are a multidisciplinary team of digital strategists, data scientists, lean startup experts, user experience designers, growth hackers and technologists. Our actions are grounded with data and we thrive on overcoming complex problems, facing game-changing start-ups and forward-thinking companies. We share an innate passion for building products that will shape behaviors and change the lives of millions.
From using Artificial Intelligence to drive predictive analytics, to the design of complex mobile apps, we have created an environment where creativity is fueled and where unconventional thinking is encouraged.

Breeze Leonard
Queen of Social Media


Breeze has been developing creative strategies and driving results for clients across the mid-west for the past 3 years. She is also an active member of the TravelingMom network, one of the largest blogging networks in the US.
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Moshmi S
Wizard of Applied Analytics

New York

Moshimi brings an intimate blend of curiosity and intelligence to data-centric problems within the enterprise data ecosystem. These skills have driven her incredible success within Experian, Deloitte and HFDC banks.
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Shavez Kalim
Master of Customer Success

San Francisco

Shavez has a unique ability to help client teams maximize the value they are able to extract for any enterprise software application. We are excited to bring his skills to our clients in order to empower them.
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Mahesh G
Data Wrangler


Mahesh holds an M.S. in Computer Science. He has worked on ground breaking projects at Saama Technologies, AstraZeneca, and with engineers at NASA. His keen ability to deconstruct complex systems has been invaluable delivering client success.

Lisa Chirico
The Wordsmith

New York

From a career leading PR on Wall Street to becoming a elite advocate for dementia patients, Lisa is a powerhouse of influence. She brings her strength in communications to create compelling messaging for our clients'.
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Patryk W
Lord of UX

San Francisco

Patryk has spent years designing fascinating user interfaces, and over the past two years, moved to take over the entire user experience journey. He takes user empathy to a whole new level after working on medical applications to help patients with Alzheimer's.
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