Attribution is a moving target. Before you try to hit it, can you track it?

Last-Touch Is Broken


This fundamental question challenges every marketing leader; How do you apply attribution when multiple channels touched the customer along the journey and every channel is going to claim ownership?

most companies have no idea how to attribute correctly

Neural Attribution Appraoch


Our clients move from old-school static attribution to Neural Attributiion modeling powered by Artificial Intelligence which leads to specific application of internal resources, allocation of marketing budgets and surgical application of focus across teams where it is needed to drive revenue. The cycle begins to build trust and drives collaboration across teams with the sharing of data and more importantly, domain expertise. Team members begin to function like part of the same company, communication grows around shared knowledge.

Attribution Drives Strategy


This process has delivered success at every client. The "unknown" area of budget ineffectiveness begins to shrink to a fraction of what it was in the previous cycle. This process becomes contagious as team members get attached to the idea of 'Winning'. For the executive, this is reflected in "Increased Revenues", stronger "Quarterly Reports" and a break thru "Fiscal". In some cases, "Year over Year"*.
** Results may vary, subject to market pressures and technical complexity of algorithms deployed.

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