If you a data lake, how many departments within your organization are using it? Is the number of users growing fast?

The Data I Dont Have


A simple use case of a data lake is to understand customer lifetime value (CLV), and th use that as a feature in the calculation of acquisition cost for new customers. Simply put, how much should you spend on acquireing each type of new customer. The other side of this is how much should you spend on customer retention based on CLV. These are not just marketing questions, this affects the sales channel, customer success, retention and overall revenue of the company. It is always cheaper to keep a customer than to acquire a new one. Your data lake needs to span all these areas and much more to drive success.

Embracing Your Data Lake


Designing and building a data lake for a large enterprise can span 9 months to over 24 months. It can often take 6 months to plan it. Our goal is to accelerate parts of this process to shorten the time and also execute on meeting the needs of the teams that are going to use this new powerful tool. Often, this includes working with Oragnization Development team, assessing career plans and encouraging team members to become part of 2-4 year career adjustment plans which create opportunities for them to take on leading roles and ascend within the organization.

Your Data Driven Company


Our client success stories include empowering clients to maintain a competitive advantage the drive an incremental $100 million in revenues during and post engagement, take products to market and in other cases the were able to secure additional millions in funding. The results may vary by client but every client team has consistently imporved their level of skill in specific areas as well as enhance career paths to align with organization growth. This outcome is contagious and lines on with the teams and companies we work with, and we aim to keep it that way.

Your Data Lake = Win

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